Bamboo Blade TV Series Online

Bamboo Blade Series Online

It didn’t take long for pint-sized Tamaki’s lightning reflexes to catch the eye of starving Kendo instructor Toraji. This second-rate sensei is an embarrassment to the sport, and his Kendo club is running out of members. His only hope for redemption – and a full belly – is to get Tamaki to sign-on as his star pupil. Unfortunately, this sword-wielding prodigy is a serious anime addict, so it’ll be a challenge to get her to step away from the television and into the dojo. But once she feels like a part of the team, Tamaki will put down the remote and pick up her sword as Toraji turns his girls into a fearsome sisterhood of the bamboo blade!

Episode count: 26

IMDB: 7.4

Actors: Christopher Bevins, Chris Burnett, Chris Cason, Luci Christian

Directors: N/A

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Drama

Country: Japan

Views: 9