Menunggu Bunda

Menunggu Bunda

Mrs. Yenny suddenly fainted and was unconscious. Lying in bed accompanied by her three children, Alya, Alma, Andra, and her slowly declining Alzheimer's husband, Marsio. In one tiring night of survival, a family secret is revealed. Alya will break the promise she swore to her mother she will keep. The other two children, Alma and Andra, fight for their individuality feud. In the midst of a family crisis, the children, Alya, Alma, and Andra soon realize that they don't really know anything about their own mother. Who he really is? And who is their father? Meanwhile, two doctors, Dr. Myra and Dr. Miyagi struggles with the reality of the inability of medical care in the face of imminent death.

Genre: Drama, Family

Quality: HD

Release: 2021



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