Homem Onça

Homem Onça

PEDRO was a child in the small town of Barbosa during the 50s. He was 11 when he first heard the story of a jaguar turning up during the night in the nearby farms. One night, a farmer prepared a trap and killed the jaguar. The next day all the kids went running to see this beautiful creature, lying dead, with its yellowish skin full of black dots all dirty of blood. This image stayed with Pedro for the rest of his life. Fast-forward to the 90s and Pedro (55) now lives in Rio de Janeiro with his family. He works as Environmental Projects Manager at Gas Brasil (GB), a state-owned company. His wife SONIA (45) is an economist who has just lost her job of many years at a multinational company. ROSA (20), their daughter, is studying Journalism at university. PAULA (40), KATIA (39) and GUTO (35) form Pedro's team at Environmental Projects. DANTAS (53), also a manager at the company since the 70s, is Pedro's best friend.

Quality: HD

Release: 2021


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